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MicroSites FAQ

What are MicroSites?

MicroSites are a convenient way to organize, manage, process and fulfill, all of your frequently ordered items, staff, group, or team gear. Once your items are selected and placed onto your own MicroSite, they'll be ready to order with just a few simple clicks. Share the site link with your staff, group or team and we take care of the rest. We'll process your orders and organize fulfillment to your needs.

How much do MicroSites Cost?

There are two Plan Levels: Basic and Premium. Each level offers all of the standard MicroSite features from payment processing to fulfillment. The Basic Plan allows you to offer up to 6 items with a 6-month site run, and the Premium Plan offers up to 12 items with a 12-month site run and includes additional customizable item options and shipping features. 


Setup Fee:

- Basic $250

- Premium $500


What can MicroSites be used for?

MicroSites are perfect for managing

- Staff Uniforms
- Group/Team Apparel
- School Spirit Wear
- T-shirt/Hoodie Fundraising
- Custom Merchandise/Promo Product ReOrdering and so much more...    

If you are interested in learning more about what Stitch Print Plus can do for you, then please fill out the Contact Us form and one of our associates will connect with you.

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