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Artwork Guidelines / Templates

Please review the following guidelines for proper artwork preparation and submission.

File Preparation

Files larger than 10MB can be emailed directly to us at
For files smaller than that, please use our DropBox interface to upload a file as per below.

File Formats:

If you are handling the design and setup of your file, note that for the best results and to limit the amount of time to process, please provide a PDF vector file at 100% scale. For Example: for a 24"x36" poster, your file should also be 24"x36" with no bleed or crop marks. We accept native files in PDF or EPS format only. All artwork should be in CMYK color profile, with a minimum of 150dpi. For embedded raster images be sure they are saved at the highest resolution. Please flatten all layers and convert all fonts to outlines. If you are uploading multiple files, please add your files into a compressed ZIP folder prior to uploading.  

Naming Your Files:

It is important that you name your files descriptively — the file name should include your name or business name and project description.

Example of correct file naming:


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